Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Murder Mystery Dinner

For my 40th I wanted to have a Murder Mystery Dinner. I think it turned out fabulous! The Characters were:
Brad the Chamberlain and me, Queen Elizabeth

His Eminence Diego Menendez de Aviles (Richard) and Mistress Frances Walsingham(Pam)

General Fitzbacon (Bryan) and Senorita Juanita (Sara)

Robert Deveraux, Earl of Essex (Jason) and Philippe of France (Stacy)

Master Chris Marlow (Taylor) and Mary, Queen of Scots (Sherri)

Master Wm. Shakespeare (Noel) and Mistress Nagel (Kristy)

Sir Frances Drake ( Rick) and Mistress Jane Dee (Kim)

Signor Pico della Mirandola (Randy) and Hobbs (Janae)
Missing Master Edward Kelly (Mike) and Lady Catherine Northwood (Cathy)

The large table that held the twenty of us

My Crown was too big and kept falling down!

I had Mary put in the stocks!

There were duels that took place. Rock, Paper Scissors :)

Here we are trying to decifer the Murder.

Queen Elizabeth was secretly Married to the Earl. Here we are on the hot plate!

I love this picture of Pam. Can't you just hear her, "Really Hun?"

The night was a blast. Thanks to all my friends that participated so fully. You all made my night!