Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I have always envied those who could just sit and write.

I struggle with devoting my whole attention to a project I’m working on for long periods of time. I feel I will be known as a person who knows how to do everything but not good at one thing. I dabble here and there when something interests me. I never stick around long enough to get good at it.

I am determined not to do this in my writing.

Every day I wake up and say that I want to accomplish something. A chapter written, more detail to the outline, or more piquant details for my character. Yet every day I fail to accomplish the full goal. Why?

I think I have ADD, or some form of it.

I either get so board of what I’m doing and have to go do something else or my mind wonders away so many times that it takes all day to finish half of my goal.

I’m sure you have read the story of the lady whose husband comes home and asks what she did that day. She knows she was busy yet not a darn thing was finished. When I read that story I felt someone had followed me around and wrote about me.

So, I’m reevaluating. I think my goals should be shorter. It will take me longer to write my book, but maybe I won’t be so frustrated with myself and give up, which I’ve thought about many times.

I’m not alone out there, Right?