Monday, January 10, 2011

The art of Chocolate

Every year, after I have forgotten about all the back aches, cold noses and toes, I dip chocolates.
Don't get me wrong, I love doing it. I especially love the joy it brings others. Not many people hate chocolate.
The Tradition started with my Grandma Richardson. Every year we would go over to her house and help roll the cherry cordials for her to dip. I loved it. We would spend hours talking about everything under the sun. She never let me do the actual dipping cause the pot was just too hot for us.
After I got married I found that my sister-in-law dipped chocolates. She taught me the art of hand dipping. Much different from what my grandmother did.
Fifteen years later I continue the tradition. And My Grandmother Calls me every year to thank me for them and for caring out her tradition.
I have taught a couple of my friends and we now make a weekend of it up in Bear lake.
Cutting the centers to size takes up one whole day.
With modern technology, dipping is now easier and faster!!

And the view is fabulous.

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