Friday, October 29, 2010

The War Walls

After the White House we went back to the parking garage and got our cameras and bags to haul around.
We went to the walls. The first one was The World War II Memorial. The reverence there was over whelming. Knowing that Pop Pop Walter and Grandpa Richardson served in this war and survived gave me so much love and respect for this place. It was absolutely beautiful!

 Each State is represented on the raised pillars. Wise words are etched on all of the walls.
 This is the Korean War Memorial. The Statues are white, and I am told it is haunting to see at night. Each statue is lit up at night, looking like ghosts.
 The wall is etched with faces from every branch of the military.
 At the Vietnam Wall, the names are over whelming.

 Someone left a note to a friend.

Brings tears to the eyes knowing how many men have served and given their lives for our freedom and to help others achieve what we have. To them I can truly see our Lord saying, "Well done thou good and faithful servant."

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