Thursday, October 28, 2010

We, Analia, Janae and Val, had the opportunity to tour the White house while we were in D.C. It took us a couple months just to say we could go and then we had to have a back ground check. They knew more about me than I know about myself! We could only take our Drivers licences and a turned off cell phone in with us.
There is so much wonderful history in that building. The Rooms are much smaller than I thought they would be.
Before it was time to go in, we walked around the block. The first Picture is the back of the White house. We even saw the presidential garden. It was beautiful!

This next picture is after the tour and we come out the front. The guard saw us taking pictures with our phones and asked us to stop and move along. Yikes!

This last picture is taken back at the street, through the fence.
The weather was so nice while we were there. We were hoping to be there when the leaves were changing. But like everywhere else, fall was late.

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